Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reasons I love Greenpoint- Part 5: Brooklyn Label

One thing I love about Greenpoint is the abundance of food and alcohol establishments we have. And when it's brunch or coffee I desire, my first choice is Brooklyn Label on Franklin St. at Java.

Brooklyn Label- corner of Franklin & Java

Brooklyn Label

There's bar seating, window seating, tables and a takeout area for pick ups or coffee. Here's the coffee menu:

Brooklyn Label Menu

And the layout:

Inside Brooklyn Label

from the corner table at Brooklyn Label

But the best part about Brooklyn Label is of course the food. It's excellent! They are vegetarian friendly and have many veggie (and some vegan) options. In fact, their homemade veggie burger is easily the best veggie burger I've ever had in my life (I'd kill for one right now, in fact!). And the breakfasts (my favorite food category and what I usually go there for) are wonderful! My favorites are:

Gruyere Omelet 11.00 (breakfast or brunch)
Three eggs with lots of aged gruyere cheese, topped with a
tarragon-tomato sauce and served with hashbrowns and toast (vegetarian)

Brooklyn Label Scramble 8.75 (breakfast or brunch)
three eggs cooked soft with aged white cheddar, basil and tomato,
served with hashbrowns and toast (vegetarian)

Huevos Rancheros 14.00 (brunch only)
One fried corn tortilla, Spanish-style rice, homemade frijoles negros, and a chili ranchero sauce topped with two fried eggs and garnished with cilantro-lime sour cream, guacamole and pico de gallo (vegetarian)

(For links to all the menus, click here and select the meal on the right)

Now, since I'm a huge fan of breakfast/brunch, but the weekend brunch time gets very crowded, I like to visit them when I have a weekday off. In fact, I came here twice last year during my birthday week off. I had leisurely breakfasts with plenty of time to upload photos and blog, thanks to their free wireless internet!

Breakfast @ Brooklyn Label (again)

Breakfast + Blogging = Heaven

And it was during my birthday week visits to Brooklyn Label that I stumbled upon the best coffee ever - Stumptown, which it turns out is from one of my favorite places: Portland Oregon! It was the first time I had it, and I loved it immediately. I bought a bag of beans to brew it myself at home and have been hooked ever since.

Another thing I love about Brooklyn Label has nothing to do with the food - it's their strict NO CELL PHONES policy. It's posted on the door, and even on the menus. There are few things more obnoxious than people using cell phones in public, so I applaud them for taking this stand!

I'm sure it goes without say that if you find yourself in Greenpoint and want a delicious, reasonably priced meal with great service - get yourself to Brooklyn Label. Tell em Bitch Cakes sent ya ;)

Brooklyn Label's window


Mary said...

Agreed. Their veggie burger is amazing. And all the breakfasts are excellent. I have never gotten to go on an uncrowded weekday, though. Jealous!

diana said...

I love that place too. I just went there the other night to get mac and cheese and hummus, it's all soooo good.

rowan said...

Yes! the food and coffee are divine including their their hot sauces. they are literally around the corner and it's wonderful.

i know some have complained about the staff/speed but i've found them to be friendly and really nice. also they were pretty speedy even when busy.

Sherri L said...

Hey BCs!

This has nothing to do with the lovely and yummy Brooklyn Label, but I wanted to tell you there is a new (Polish probably) sign up for a Beauty parlor / Salon on Noble (next to the tattoo place between Lorimer and Manhattan). Something about the sign (though probably not intentional) is really old school and refreshingly retro looking. But you have to go look at it, because I think the portrait on the sign looks like you! Or at least slightly resembles you! ;) Go look for it! I totally love it. (Though I HATE the HUGE obnoxious ALASKA TAN sign across the way)

diana said...

I have a picture of that obnoxious Alaskan Tan sign on Flickr. It is atrocious.