Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reasons I love Greenpoint- Part 7: Jarred

Last spring, when I was still a slave to Starbucks, I met a barista at the Greenpoint location named Jarred. I will never forget the first time I saw him in there. My thoughts were:
1) He is so young and perfect looking - how is he not a model?
2) He's entirely too sweet and nice to be from NYC
3) He's so beautiful, why is he working here and not modeling?!

Sadly, he did not stay at Starbucks for very long and I wrote a blog about him to wish him a farewell, since I didn't think I'd see him again. Little did I know, I'd run into him constantly - at the gym, at the Natural Garden, walking on Kent Ave, on the B61, on crutches in front of Rite Aid (broken foot?), smoking outside on his stoop, running shirtless on Kent - this guy is everywhere!

And every time I see him, I'd get a quick update on his exciting life. He's working, going to school, and you guessed it - modeling! I recently noticed some photos on his Facebook page and asked for permission to post them here. And although I've always preferred men with dark hair, there have been a handful of exceptions. After all, I appreciate beauty in all its forms. And you simply cannot deny how flawless looking he is. Look at this guy!

Who has eyes that blue and lips that gorgeous? He's like an angel. Or the best Banana Republic model ever.


My god, you could cut glass with that jawline!

Woah! Running and bike riding have certainly kept him in perfect shape-

And I think this is my favorite. I love that outfit and his face here. Look at those freaking cheekbones! (Hey! I've seen him with that gym bag with him on the bus!)-

Jarred, you are obviously a genetically superior being, but somehow it has not gone to your head. I realize I only know you casually, but I think you're awesome. Despite your spectacular good looks, you have always come across so kind and down to earth.

I think you mentioned you may be moving out of Greenpoint soon. If that's the case, I guess I won't be running into you anymore, but I'll still be looking for you - in magazines. I wish you a long, lucrative and successful career. You really deserve it and I'm cheering for you!


Bridgett said...

He's beautiful. Really, truly beautiful.

diana said...

I am pretty sure I've seen him at the Y in the free weight room. There are often lots of good looking guys in there (and often not so good looking guys in there!).

Lapetitemort said...

He is truly a beautiful specimen of a man. It is also refreshing that his personality seems the same. =)

P.s. I have a question about biking. I have my retro cruiser raring to go now. I was wondering when you cycle, do you ever wear dresses? I have tried in the past but the wider skirts just catch the wind and I am forced to wear something usually ugly underneath, thinking of making some bloomers for that. Just curious of your style when you go cruising. ;)

*Bitch Cakes* said...

I know, right. He's just beautiful!

Lapetitemort- I wear a dress I got from Target. It's made of polyester (yuck) but it's stretchy and moves very easily. What I do to make it extra cute is wear vibrantly colored or patterned tights! That way I have the control, no one has a view of anything I don't want to show *and* I manage to be stylish at the same time.

Meg said...

I still like the bartender.

*Bitch Cakes* said...

Meg, that's the thing. Jarred is not my type. Jason (the bartender) is totally my type. However, I love looking at Jarred. I think he's incredible looking.

judy said...

I know I'm old because all I kept thinking while looking at his picture was, "damn, I have not one doubt in my head that I'm old enough to be his mother!"

That bartender however, um, my thoughts were not maternal in nature.

Jarred Gilker said...

I was moving up untill 2 days ago when my UWS Apt fell through at the last minute. I'll still be in Greenpoint but moving to Dupont btw Manhattan & Mcguinness.

Also your chances of bumping into a shirtless me while running are going to exponentially increase as the weather gets warmer.

*Bitch Cakes* said...

Would it be wrong for me to say YAY? Sorry the UWS place didn't work out. I'll look out for you on Kent! Try not to cause any accidents ;)

Jarred said...

Haha. Your the one that should be careful about causing accidents on the cute pink bike.

Jess said...

Beautiful is a great way to describe him. Lucky you to get to run into him!! I want to fix him up with my sister (now, before he becomes too well-known, because I agree... he will), but I assume he's too handsome to be straight, heh.

*Bitch Cakes* said...

I literally just came home from grocery shopping, where I ran into him again (probably as you were leaving this comment!)! He is so freaking beautiful. And actually, he is straight. But I think he has a girlfriend.