Monday, December 7, 2009

Reasons I love Greenpoint- Part 14: The Garden

Although I moved to Greenpoint just 4 years ago, I was introduced to the neighborhood in 1999 when I met my ex husband. He lived on Green St between Manhattan and McGuinness. And in true bachelor style, he never had any food in his apartment. That meant that when I would spend the night and wake up starving, I needed a place within walking distance where I could get some food.

How lucky was I that just blocks from his apartment, on Manhattan Ave at the corner of Kent, was a great organic and health food store: The Garden.

The Garden on Manhattan Ave

The Garden! I love this place.The Garden

I can't tell you how much I looked forward to my weekends in Brooklyn - not just because I was with the man who would become my husband (and later, my ex husband), but because as you all know, I love food and eating, and there was nothing that even came close to this great store in Yonkers.

From the moment I would wake up in his apartment, I fantasized about what I would get from The Garden. They had great coffee, a terrific selection of baked goods and tons of healthy food, including a spinach salad that I still love (shown here-baby spinach leaves, roma tomatoes, red onion, balsamic vinegar and I think a little olive oil. Maybe some salt and pepper.) My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Spinach Salad at the Garden

Eventually my husband moved to Yonkers and I hadn't visited Greenpoint in about 5 years. That is, until the day I drove to Brooklyn in December 2005 to check out the apartment that would end up being mine. While I was in Greenpoint that day, one of the things I did was drive up Manhattan Ave in hopes that The Garden was still there. I was delighted to find out they were!

By NYC standards, this store is very large, and what I appreciate is that it's super tidy, well stocked and organized. That's very important to me (no surprise there, I'm sure).

This is just one aisle. It contains juice, cookies, crackers, chips, a refrigerated beer case and leads to the back where there is a deli, cheese shop, fresh ground coffee, fresh peanut butter(you get to pull the lever) and macaroni & tomato products.

Here is just an idea of their baked goods selection on any given day. They are always beautiful (and tempting). Baked goods are my weakness...

They have tons of dried fruit and nuts:

Nuts and dried fruit @ the Garden

There's fresh ground coffee and other dry goods sold by the pound:

Coffee and other goods sold by the pound

You can even make your own fresh peanut butter!

Fresh Peanut Butter!

They also have a great beer selection. My favorite of course, being Brooklyn Brewery's Brooklyner Weisse.

Brooklyn Brewery Neon @ the Garden

Here's just some of the dairy section:

Dairy Section @ The Garden

And this is one of my favorite aisles, where the vegetarian and vegan products are:

Vegetarian and Vegan products

That's just a small portion of the items available at The Garden. There's also bread, cereal, supplements, cleaning products, chocolate, baking items, spices, frozen products and novelties, tons of produce, and I'm sure plenty of things I am forgetting.

I buy the majority of my food at this store and couldn't imagine not having them in the neighborhood. On any given week, I am in The Garden at least 3 times. I am a loyal customer and use my Garden canvas bag when I shop there. I'm even their fan on Facebook. I love The Garden! Do check them out if you're in the hood or if you live here and you've never been-

The Garden
921 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222
718-389-6448 Phone
718-389-6530 Fax
Mon-Sat 8 AM-8 PM, Sun 9 AM-7 PM


Sean said...

Oh, yes. I love The Garden as well. Just moved over here from the other side of the park in July, and I have no need to go buy food anywhere else.

Suburban Guy said...

This is exactly how whole foods used to be. That is before they became the walmart of food stores.

I'm jealous that you have such a nice "folksy" sort of healthy food store. :)


Rutila said...

My family -- specifically my uncle -- is boycotting the Garden, and I'll tell you why the next time I see you. (It's stupid, and while I don't boycott the Garden per se, I'd rather shop at Key Food and Trader Joe's than go to the Garden and overpay.)

Michelle said...

Oh the food looks so yummy!